The TraceMed software for the verification of medicinal products authenticity (serialization) ensures that all operations planned for hospitals are carried out. The use of aggregation supports the process of status verification and unregistering (withdrawal) in the EMVO database of many medicinal product packages at the same time. For that, it simply suffices to scan the label on a collective package prepared by the supplier in the process of aggregation of unit medicinal product packages.

Each operation with a EMVO response is stored for the period of 5 years according to the binding GDP laws (Guidelines of 7 March 2013 on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use; 2013/C 68/01). At all times, a report from the data available in TraceMed might be created upon request. Full filtration of information ensures that the report (in .pdf, .csv, .html format) is created exactly as needed.

TraceMed requirements:

  • desktop solution:
    • PC,
    • Internet access,
    • any updated web browser,
    • wired or wireless 2D barcode scanner fulfilling the GS1 DataMatrix standard (decoding of hidden characters <GS>).
  • mobile solution:
    • Internet access (GSM, WiFi),
    • Android terminal with an inbuilt 2D barcode scanner,


  • Android smartphone.

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